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Everything IS Marketing


Many construction companies feel as though they don't have to "do" marketing. That their work speaks for itself, and that they already have enough clients.

But the truth is, marketing isn't something you do. It's something that happens every day, no matter what.

It's the impression you make when a visitor lands on your website.

It's the way your crews handle themselves on site, and it's the way you handle problems when they arise.

Every single thing you do, especially in the construction industry, IS marketing, and if you're not doing it consciously, you might not be making a great impression.

The good news is that when you are conscious about the impression you are making, and you make an effort to present yourself the way you want to be seen, people start to think of you that way.

We specialize in great impressions. First or otherwise.

Marketing Facts

97% of consumers look online before they buy locally.

62% of business buyers start their search online.

Visual advertising, including videos, images and websites has become crucial.

You have seven seconds to make a first impression.

People from all backgrounds judge you on your marketing materials. They are seen as a "window into your business." What's the view like?

With the right marketing strategy, even brand new micro businesses can win big clients.


Who We Are

We're not just another marketing company.

We're people who have worked in the construction business for many years. We know marketing, but we also know construction.

We know what your customers want, and how to make you look good.

What We Do

We make you look good.

Whether it's a company profile to make a great impression on a new client, or a slick new website to get noticed online, we do marketing and communications from a to z.

Unlike most marketing companies, we also offer construction specific services, like drafting letters, creating forms and selling a range of OHS, QA and project management templates.

Why Choose Us?

Well, we're good at what we do. But so are many marketing companies.

We're different because we speak your language.

We know why your bid proposal matters, and what your customer wants to see. We know how to write a specification, blog about technical subjects, and create data sheets that your clients want to download.

If you want the whole package, you've come to the right place.